Thursday, May 28, 2020
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20160219 SISD Penny-McLeaish-libraryThe Penny Payte McLeaish Library at Sharyland High School underwent minor changes that were six years in the making. A new carpet was installed, the walls were repainted from top to bottom, the light fixtures were redone and the entire space was rearranged.

Students, librarians and administrators celebrated the renovations with a ribbon cutting ceremony, Feb. 9.

“There were no rooms added, but the funny thing is that the students come in and they say ‘It’s so much bigger,’” Lead Librarian Nicole Cruz said. “It’s a dream come true, which kind of sounds cliche, but it is.”

Cruz said that she and now Pioneer High School Librarian Janie Flores asked the Sharyland community for feedback on the library services. The resounding response was that the facility needed a makeover. Every year for six years the librarians submitted the report for review, but Superintendent Robert O’Connor was the one to approve the change.

It took four days, 1,200 boxes and the helping hands of students and staff to package the books and relocate them the week before the holiday break. Sharyland ISD maintenance executed the renovations during the two week hiatus and finished right before the students returned to school.

Principal Carolyn Mendiola said even though the changes are small, they make a big difference to the space and the Sharyland community.

“The kids don’t want to come into an old building that is lacking paint, and the carpet smelled,” Mendiola said. “To the kids it means a lot, especially when you have a new high school in the same district and they have brand new facilities. I want our kids to feel warm, welcome and like they’re walking into a place that’s very well kept.”