Sunday, April 21, 2019
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20180505 SISDBoardWith nearly 66 percent of the votes, Sharyland School Board Trustee Jose “Pepe” Garcia secured a second term on the school board Saturday.

Garcia, a principal at the La Joya Independent School District, received 975 votes, handily beating his opponent Oton “Tony” Guerrero who received 505 votes.

Current school board member Melissa Smith ran unopposed and also secured another term on the school board.

“I’m really excited, we get to continue working to ensure Sharyland remains the great district it is,” Garcia said Saturday.

Currently, the district is facing a change in leadership after hiring a new superintendent Monday to replace current superintendent robert O’Connor, who is retiring from the district this summer after three years at Sharyland.

Garcia said his priority as a school board member, and one shared by the other trustees, is to ensure the school board works well with the new superintendent, Maria Vidauri.

“We’re a team of eight, we have to ensure our superintendent does her part make sure kids come first,” he said. “We don’t have any agendas, it’s all about what’s best for the district.”

When reached for a comment, Guerrero said he appreciates how Garcia ran a clean race but hopes he acknowledges how more work can be done in the district.

“Look at the vote totals,” Guerrero said. “505 people were not happy with the work he’s doing. He should acknowledge that and move forward.”