Thursday, March 21, 2019
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20180530 PioneerLegacyWalkWearing their cap and gowns, Sharyland Pioneer High School seniors returned to their elementary and middle schools Wednesday to inspire the next generation of high school students.

These students participated in Sharyland’s Legacy Walk, a district-wide event where graduating seniors from both district high schools returned to the schools where their journey first began.

For students at Pioneer, the event culminated with a presentation to the seventh graders during an assembly followed by a walk through the halls of the eighth grade classrooms where they had a chance to greet the students and teachers they knew.

Pioneer student Audrey Smith spoke to the seventh graders during the assembly and urged the students to be involved in school.

“The transition from junior high to high school can be scary for some, and exciting for others. However, I was lucky enough to know people there through all the organizations I was in. It created a safety net for me,” she said. “Joining organizations can open amazing opportunities for you and guide you to success by helping you develop the necessary skills you will need for the rest of your life.”

For Pioneer Principal James D. Heath, the event showed a dedication from all the seniors who participated.

“This is really the first time it hits seniors that they are almost to the end of their high school career,” Heath said. “It means a lot to them to go to the elementary schools. The teachers at the elementary schools do enjoy seeing ex-students but in reality, unless there’s a sibling, for those students the seniors are just big kids who walk through their schools in Diamondback cap and gowns.”

For eight grader Alyssa Guerra, however, the visiting seniors were more than just big kids walking down the halls of her school. For Guerra and her friends, the visiting seniors are a reminder of their own future.

“In four years I will be doing the same thing these people are doing and visiting Sharyland North as I get ready to graduate,” Guerra said. “That’s insane, I’m going to feel so old and it feels like just yesterday I was starting school here.”

Iliyssa Casanova, a friend of Guerra’s, agreed with her.

“This walk makes me more excited to graduate, I’m already picturing myself like them,” Casanova said. “It’s definitely going to be a bittersweet moment once I graduate and I know a lot will change once I’m in high school. We’re going to be different people and realize we’re not little kids anymore.”