Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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20180606 SharylandScoreboardFor the next three years, the Sharyland Independent School District will receive $120,000 per year from 12 local businesses to help the district pay for the new, $800,000 scoreboard at Sharyland High School’s Richard Thompson Stadium.


This was announced during the Tuesday, May 29 Sharyland board of trustees meeting when the board unanimously approved the purchase of a new scoreboard for the Richard Thompson Stadium, replacing the one that has been in place for over 13 years at Sharyland High School.


“They don’t make parts for it anymore,” former district Superintendent Robert O’Connor said at the meeting. “There’s no option besides going out for another scoreboard and the board made the right choice in waiting until we had sponsors to pay for it.”


The sponsors O’Connor referred to include Plains Capital Bank, Spikes Ford, Chick-fil-a, Raising Canes and El Patio Restaurant. The district is working with the sponsors to receive the $120,000 that will help the district pay for the new scoreboard, the district’s financial director Jaime Ortega said.


The district is committed to pay $200,000 for the scoreboard but the remaining $600,000 will come from the sponsors as part of a five-year payment plan the district has with the South Dakota-based manufacturing company Daktronics to make the new scoreboard.


“These sponsors are guaranteed to have a panel or space devoted to them on the scoreboard-depending on their level of sponsorship,” Ortega said.


The Mission branch of Plains Capital Bank and Spikes Ford dealership, for example, are committing to be gold anchor sponsor, meaning that for the $25,000 they each are giving to the district per year, they have a panel reserved for them near the top of the scoreboard, Ortega said.


The gold sponsors also receive four reserved season tickets for home games, 1 VIP parking pass, two 15-second TV commercials on the stadium and 12-month roadside advertising.


Chick-fil-a, Stars Scholarship Fund, the insurance firms CL Frates and PCI are “Silver Anchor Sponsors” meaning that for the $12,500 they each give to the district per year, they have a panel devoted to them underneath the “Gold Anchor Sponsors.”


The silver sponsors also receive two reserved season tickets for home games, one 15-second long TV commercial, one 12-minute-long digital still and six months of roadside advertising.


Digital sponsorships are also available for sponsors. They include the “gold quarterly Digital Sponsor” made up by Raising Canes and Linebarger Insurance. For $5,000 a year, each sponsor will receive a 12-minute long digital still, two graphic announcements and three months of roadside advertising.


For $2,500 each, El Patio Restaurant, ROW Surveying, MLG Security and Pete Jaramillo Insurance are “Silver Quarterly Digital Sponsors,” meaning that they will each receive a six-minute long digital still and one graphic announcement.


Even though no date has been set for the completion of the stadium, which district Director of Maintenance Mark Dougherty said could take up all summer, Ortega hopes the scoreboard will entice the current sponsors.


“We’re hoping that once they see the scoreboard and see how nice it is, they’ll recommit to a new agreement,” Ortega said. “Even our old scoreboard had sponsors who have been with us for 10 years so we feel pretty comfortable with some of these sponsors.”


Ortega said the deal to finalize the financial commitment from the sponsors could be signed by the end of this week.


“It’s something the district needs and we’re trying to make sure the district can secure it with the least impact on our taxpayers,” Ortega said of the new scoreboard.