Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Sharyland-LogoTwo months after a one percent pay increase for all their employees, the Sharyland school district is looking into another pay increase for their bus drivers.

Members of the district school board of trustees met Monday at a workshop and discussed increasing the starting pay for school bus drivers by one dollar.

According to the district’s Human Resource Director Deborah Garza, the district recently increased the starting pay for their bus drivers from $12.50 to $12.80
per hour.

This, however, is well below that of the McAllen and Mission school districts, which pay their drivers $13 and $13.82 per hour, respectively.

“We evaluated our pay rate structure to see if we can make it more competitive and decided an increase from $12.81 to $13.81 would help,” Garza told the board. “And we’re hoping to do this investment within our current budget.”

The board will meet again this coming Monday to discuss the issue more, and possibly vote on it.

According to Enrique Mata Jr., district’s transportation director, the pay increase would potentially help the district retain their drivers.

“We currently have 55 drivers but are missing 12 more
positions that need to be filled,” Mata Jr. said. “This summer we’ve lost three drivers to neighboring districts and two candidates who interviewed with us to be drivers declined our offer to work at other districts within the last week.”

Mata Jr., said this type of loss occurs every year, but a pay increase would help alleviate that.