Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Sharyland-LogoOn Monday, the Sharyland school board of trustees approved a new district and campus improvement plan.

Based on the plan, the core initiatives for the district will be to create quality curriculum guides for all core content areas with an ongoing system for monitoring and revision and to implement data point assessments to evaluate the curriculum, provide meaningful data for decision making and support improved student achievement.

“Most of our campuses are focusing on student growth, so they’re meeting the standards but they also have to have every single child growing or showing improvement,” Pam Montalvo, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction said. “So for the majority of our campuses, that is where they have to grow.”

The new plan was released about a month after the Texas Education Agency released the latest state accountability ratings, reflecting the first official A through F letter grades the agency was using to grade school districts across the state.

Sharyland was one of nine school districts in the entire Rio Grande Valley to receive an A rating. The district received a score of 93 and will do some tweaking in their curriculum to improve that grade, Montalvo said.

“We have several campuses working to maintain the individual A rating they received, and others that hope to make a few tweaks to get an A,” Montalvo said.

With the 93 rating, Montalvo said the district believes they have room to grow.

“It’s not perfect, and the board has the expectation of a 95 or higher so after seeing the rating, the board said ‘That’s great, let’s hit a 95 next year,’” Montalvo said.

Aiding the district in that goal is the implementation of a data point assessment that will be given periodically, Montalvo said.

“They’re assessing what the children have been taught and we’re using that to monitor our curriculum to see how effective it is,” Montalvo said. “We’re making sure we don’t get surprised by anything when testing time comes around.”