Thursday, May 28, 2020
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20190513 SISDBoardAfter a cancelled school board election that saw no challengers, the Sharyland School board swore in their newest member Monday and elected a new school board president.

Mission businessman Hector Rivera-of Hector Rivera EA-became the sole new name on the school board after he ran to replace exiting school board member, Dr. Noel O. Garza, who decided not to run for reelection after 12 years as a school board member.

“I have some big shoes to fill, Dr. Garza left behind a legacy, but I am 100 percent committed and ready to get to work,” Rivera said.

Rivera ran alongside incumbents Noel Edward Oliveira and Keith Padilla, Rivera has been involved with the school district in the past, serving on its strategic planning committee in 2015 to help develop a five-year plan for the district that is currently in use. He also served as treasurer for the district’s Education Foundation, which provides scholarships and grants to Sharyland teachers and students.

Rivera, Oliveira and Padilla were sworn-in during a ceremony Monday by 398th District Court Judge Keno Vasquez and Alton Municipal Court Judge Carlos Ortegon, respectively.

Shortly after Rivera, Oliveira and Padilla were sworn in, the board took action regarding organization of Board officers, which occurs every election.

The Board elected Jose “Pepe” Garcia to serve as their new president while school board members Keith Padilla, Julio Cerda and Rivera were elected to serve as the new board vice president, secretary and assistant secretary, respectively.

Garcia served as the vice president for the school board for the last year under outgoing President Melissa Smith. In a statement to the Sharyland Times he said he is excited and humbled to continue serving the Sharyland community.

“In the past four years that I have served as a school board member for Sharyland ISD, I have learned to work with others to ensure the success of our students in all aspects of their educational careers,” Garcia said. “I will continue to guide and to do my best in creating a sense of transparency through open communication. Together, we have the power to transform lives. It is equally important that we be responsible stewards and set a good example for our students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff. Right now we’re in the midst of creating great things for Sharyland ISD and I look forward to continuing the momentum.”