Thursday, May 28, 2020
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20190517 PioneerAchievements1,000 students made history this year at Sharyland Pioneer High School.

Last Friday, a little over two-thirds of the student population gathered in the gym to pose for a group picture in celebration of their successful year in sports. In 2018-2019, all Pioneer High School athletic teams qualified for playoffs.

According to Principal James Heath, it has been at least 40 years since an achievement like this has happened at a Sharyland school.

“This year has been unbelievable,” Heath said. “For the first time in our [Pioneer High School] history, every single sport has made the playoffs in Sharyland.”

Heath recalled when he was working as an assistant principal at Sharyland High School and speaking to Richard Thompson, the athletic director about a photograph depicting a class from the 1980’s where all the girls sports won district championships.

“He can’t remember if it’s ever been done in Sharyland since he has been here,” Heath said. “But, if you noticed when you walked in, this is not just about our sports.”

Heath pointed out that every varsity extracurricular activity was represented in the gym that day, and that the majority of the school was participating in varsity events.

“The school year is so long and so spread out, there’s so much that goes out and it’s hard to keep up with all the things that we’ve done,” Heath said. “We’ve done several things in academics, in band, FFA, BPA, FCCLA, I could just go on and on.”

Every group has advanced as a team beyond district to the regional level, where multiple individual students went on to regionals, Heath said.

“That’s why you all are in here right now,” Heath said. “It’s for all those times when we start getting negative publicity because they only get about 3 percent of our population - when that happens, I want people to realize the sheer number of good kids who are involved and doing things the right way in Pioneer.”

Heath said he can send the picture out and remind people “how good it is in Pioneer.”

“And really this is about the students,” Heath said. “I haven’t swung a bat, I haven’t thrown a football, I haven’t played a drum, I haven’t played anything at this school. Neither have the coaches. They lead and guide you, but this is about the students at this school.”

Heath said they plan to display the photograph at the front of the school, and encouraged students to post it online for positive publicity and school spirit.