Thursday, May 28, 2020
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20190919 SISDforumThe Sharyland school district is inviting parents to meet with administrators once a month to discuss the latest education topics in the district.

Last week, the Sharyland school district hosted their monthly Family Engagement Institute, where administrators did presentations on what parents needed to know about their student’s education.

The Family Engagement Institute, according to district Parental Engagement Specialist Eunice Garcia, happens every third Thursday of the month. The discussion that was held on Thursday, Sept. 19, was the first for the school year.

“As a former teacher, I always talked to parents after school and described them the strategies I was teaching their children and how they can help them at home,” Garcia told the nearly 40 parents in attendance. “It didn’t matter if the parents couldn’t speak English, learning a new strategy is universal. That’s why it’s so important for you to know what your child has learned, tested and what is available.”

Topics at the forum included “What parent’s need to know: How to understand your child’s academic progress and curriculum.”

As part of that discussion, parents were presented with a tutorial on how to access the Texas Education Agency website to see how the state is grading the district and each campus in the district.

Irasema Garcia, a spokeswoman with the United States Census Bureau, also presented at the summit to discuss the importance of the census for parents.

“Everyone counts and the census is how different states get funding and some of those funds are for school,” Garcia said, advising parents to fill out census forms once they’re sent out to residents in March.

Upcoming discussions for the Family Engagement Parent Institute include discussions on school shooting protocols, student’s mental health and on vaping, Garcia said. The institute also provided information on the district’s gardening, nutritional and ESL classes.

“I want parents to be empowered, be involved and know what your child will need to know to be successful,” Garcia said.