Friday, December 13, 2019
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20181109 KleinAndLongoriaWhile most high school graduates are busy planning on furthering their education and pursuing their career path, two Sharyland High School varsity football team members plan to first serve as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Blake Klein, who graduated from SHS last June, will spend the next two years as a missionary in Antofagasta, Chile – literally following in the footsteps of his father, Paul Klein, who served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ in Antofagasta from 1986-87.

Blake Klein entered The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary Training Center in Mexico Center two weeks ago, where he will learn Spanish and receive training as a missionary before traveling to Chile to share the gospel.

However, sharing the gospel and missionary work are not new for Klein. He has shared the message about God and Jesus Christ with several of his friends from high school. As a result, three of his football teammates have been baptized. One of those teammates is current Sharyland High quarterback Edgar Longoria. Longoria was baptized two years ago and just recently received his call to serve a mission in Los Angeles after he graduates from high school in December. He will leave for his mission on Dec. 31.

The Church of Jesus Christ encourages the youth to prepare for missionary service while still in high school. While the Church maintains that the most important gospel instruction takes place in the home and family, the youth are encouraged to attend early morning seminary every day for four years before school to study the scriptures and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Longoria said he decided to serve a mission because of the joy the gospel has brought him, and he wants to share that message with others.

“I’ve been talking to some of my friends at school [about the church] and just by talking to them I’m catching some glimpse of what it may be like to go on a mission,” Longoria said. “It has brought a lot of happiness in my life.”

Longoria added that he wants to help others and teach them about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can bless their lives. He too has already felt the joy of sharing the gospel with others, even before going on a mission. His father and brother were baptized last year. He is currently helping teach the gospel to two of his friends, and he is going to seminary each morning as he prepares to go on his mission.

Blake Klein is the third of three sons of Paul and Jill Klein who have all graduated from Sharyland High School and gone on to serve missions for the Church. Casey Klein served a two-year mission in Pocatello, Idaho and Bradley Klein was called to serve a mission in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lorena Phelan, a friend of the Klein family who was present the evening when Edgar received his mission call, said, “It’s incredible to see young men making incredible choices in life, choosing the Lord’s path rather than something easier. Some people say, ‘You could get a football scholarship and get a lot of money.’ But Edgar said, ‘It’s not about money, it’s about God.’”